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Chartage jewelery


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Chartage Belgian Design has already been active for 25 years as a registered trademark in the highest segment of fantasy jewelry.
As one of the few remaining Belgian brands, Chartage Belgian Design still composes its own jewelry every year, which is presented per season, winter and summer, each time via three sub collections.
These modern and unique collections with a Belgian touch are appreciated for many years by our professional customers worldwide.
Chartage Belgian Design also launches an extensive collection of shawls and handbags two times a year.
The latter are always produced in Europe, so that we as a Belgian SME, contribute to the protection of the European employment and the decrease of our ecological footprint.
Our showroom is located in the capital of Europe, in Brussels, Atomiumsquare 1, Atlanta 136 - 137  Acapulco 122, in the building of Trade Mart.
Our experienced co-workers will gladly help you every workday on Monday from 10h00 until 18h30 and on other workdays from 10h00 until 17h00.

As Chartage only focuses on the professional market, the pictures of our jewelry collections on the public website are limited to a minimum per part. This allows potential professional customers to form an idea of what Chartage stands for regarding collections, originality and quality.

On our webshop, which is only accessible for our professional and registered customers, you find a complete overview with prices of our jewelry collections Chartage Belgian Design.

 Caroline Haerens

Business manager